About Us

Ciao Bella provides a premium collection of timeless Children’s Luxury Basics for children from NB-8 years old. Our clothes are produced using recyclable, Earth-friendly solvents and when blended with the finest organic fabrics our specialized fabric adds wrinkle-resistance and lustrous quality feel of silk. We pride ourselves on design and feel that last throughout the life of your product. Our branded fibers can offer a range of features including botanic origin, sustainable production, and the gentleness of fabric on the skin, long-lasting softness, silky smoothness, enhanced breathability, color retention, and biodegradability.

Besides the environmental factor, our products are thermal-regulating, which means they will adjust with your baby’s body temperature (less likely to become overheated) and is great for layering. It has hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial right along being great for sensitive skin.

The comfort and durability of our fabric is unrivaled. Established 2018